Imagine waking up to daily yoga, eating breakfast in a beach hammock, spending your afternoon wandering a rainforest, your evening sipping wine.

Imagine doing that for a full 7 days, and 6 nights, with an awesome crew of like-minded ladies.

Fantasy? Nope.

It’s just the agenda of your next vacation.

Beach-SOULfood-Retreat (2)

I know, it sounds like something that’s SO out of reach. Lately, you’ve been up to your eyeballs in building an amazing career, being a reliable friend or confidante, and making sure that the bills get paid, the to-do’s get checked off the list, and no one is left hanging on your account.

The truth? You’re so busy meeting everyone else’s expectations of you that you’re not meeting your own needs for yourself.

The problem? You’re approaching burn out, rapidly, and you know you need a getaway STAT before you flip a table, quit your job, or end up in the looney bin.

But here’s the thing, sweet cheeks: when you’re a go-gettum lady with more work on her plate than a competitive eater, it’s hard to travel.

I mean, finding the time is just the half of it.

The other half of it is… who are you going to travel with (if not your non-existent lover)? Your girlfriends are all busy with other stuff: some married, some momming, some pregnant, then the rest simply don’t have the budget that you do to book that dream vacation.

So there you are: solo, stressed, and sans travel plans.

Now for some uplifting news…
I’m here to help you turn that around.

Beach-SOULfood-Retreat (2)

Because I know what you’re really craving, beyond some simple getaway time… I know because I’ve been there (but we’ll get to that later…)

I know that you truly want/need/crave —

Adventure. >>>

You want to find yourself wandering through a rainforest, surfing near a black, sandy beach or bathing under a waterfall. You want to board a plane and land somewhere you’ve never been, heart thumping with anticipation. You want to meet new people who are wonderful and interesting, and full of stories to share with you.

You want to rediscover excitement.

Play. >>>

You want to stop taking life so seriously and start spending more time enraptured in joy… gasping for air from the belly laughs. You want to dance, sing, joke, and simply enjoy the experience of being truly alive. From head to toe, you want to feel tickled by life.

You want to remember fun.

Connection. >>>

You want to feel like you know your body and yourself on a deeper level, and you want to share that knowledge with like-minded ladies… those who also want to expand their consciousness with new experiences. You believe that any experience worth having is only enhanced by companions who appreciate it as much as you do.

You want to make friends, and memories.

Girl, I KNOW.

That’s exactly why I created the SOUL-food retreat. This 6 night, 7 day getaway in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica was designed specifically for the successful lady (like YOU) who values self-care, travel, and fun, but simply doesn’t have the time or resources in her everyday life to make that happen.

Chances are, you’re living your days running from meeting to meeting or appointment to appointment, and the only time you get to breathe is when you finally make it to that long-awaited yoga class.

Well, it’s time to take a longer, deeper breath, my dear.

Are you ready to dive into the details of this heavenly trip?

I thought so.

Starting at only $2197 (depending on your room choice), here’s exactly what you’re investing in!

Say hello to your home for 7 days.


Vida Asana.

Vida Asana is an eco-retreat and yoga center that will make your inner-hippie happy, while still giving you all the necessary comforts of a luxury vacation. Think: sweat lodges by day, air conditioned rooms by night.



You’ll get the best of both worlds.

Where hippie meets luxury, and beach meets rainforest.




Only 1 mile away from the gorgeous beaches of Playa Hermosa, yet nestled cozily within the jungle, Vida Asana offers it all.

Enjoy Nature I

Enjoy nature without “roughing it” with…

Vida Asana SOULfood Retreat

Flower IIAn on-site wellness center offering massage and spa services.
Flower IIAir conditioned rooms (single or shared occupancy).
Flower IIA private bath in every room.
Flower IIPoolside refreshments.
Flower IIUnlimited use of beach cruisers.
Flower IIDelicious, fresh vegetarian and pescatarian meals.

Hammocks SOULfood Retreat I

Did we mention there will be hammocks to snooze in?
Yes. Lots and lots of hammocks.

Say hello to your schedule for 7 days.

Here is an example of what one of your days in paradise will look like!

– We’ll begin each morning with a delicious, fresh breakfast.

– Yoga practice in the jungle, led by yours truly.

– Free time for hammocks, showers, or beach cruising.

– Yummy, healthy lunch with the group where we’ll also enjoy some fun girl talk (this is a judgment-free zone!)

– Group Guided Meditation

– Group Soul Session (life coaching by yours truly)

You’ll be relaxed, rejuvenated, and recharged day after day.

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Space is limited.


Say hello to your host for 7 days (that’s me!).


Carol SOULfood Retreat

Hello, I’m Carol Donahoe, yoga instructor, fitness professional, and personal development coach. In short: I help high-achieving women strike the balance they desperately need between productivity and play.

Sure, I’ve got boatloads of certifications, but my work with women is largely informed by my own experience. What I’ve learned through my own struggles with perfectionism and overwhelm is this: women need space, sisterhood, and self-care to truly thrive. Now, while that sounds extremely simple, it’s actually super hard to accomplish. If you’re burned out and clamoring for a break, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You WANT to take time for YOU, but you don’t. You desire deeply fulfilling friendships, but where are these magical ladies that you’re seeking? It’s not like you can just shop for them. You want to do more yoga, and find time to meditate even, but day after day you simply don’t do it. Why not?

Most women will say it’s because of money, or time, or their career, but I know that isn’t the real reason – the real reason is that they’re simply NOT in the habit of putting themselves FIRST. It’s too weird, or “bad,” or “selfish.” Perhaps they don’t see how it moves them “forward.”

Tell me: When was the last time you asked yourself what would make you feel really, incredibly GOOD?

Can you even remember? If not, that’s okay.

The SOUL-food retreat is your opportunity to say YES to yourself.

Because you deserve it.

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Space is limited.

I’m here to help you learn how to put yourself first, while still having a thriving career, kick-ass friendships, and a big, open heart. But first, we’re going to live it up and wind it down in Costa Rica.

Are you ready to nourish your soul?

What’s Included:

Flower II6 night stay in a single or shared occupancy, air-conditioned room!
Flower II3 healthy, locally sourced meals per day, all vegetarian or pescatarian, per your preference!
Flower IITwice daily yoga classes in the jungle!
Flower IIGroup transportation to and from San Jose airport!
Flower IIUnlimited use of beach cruisers! (Woohoo!)
Flower IIPoolside margaritas! (Cheers!)
Flower IIOne surfing lesson so you can learn how to ride the waves!
Flower IIOne Rainmaker Conservation Hike, complete with waterfalls and suspension bridges! (Yes!)
Flower IIOne sweat lodge experience. This is a variation on the Native American inipi or temezcal. We will be led by a trained shamanic practitioner to release toxins of both a physical and emotional nature through sweating induced from fire heated sacred stones. (extraordinary!)
Flower IIConcierge service to book additional tours, adventures and spa services! (Easy!)

Frequently Asked Questions

-How much is the retreat?

I am offering this to you for only $2197 shared occupancy and $2697 single occupancy.

-Once I apply, then what happens?

Once I receive your application, I will review it and contact you via email (please make sure I have your best email address). We will then schedule a quick chat to answer any questions you may have prior to you laying down your cash.

-How “eco” is this eco-retreat center, exactly?

Just the right amount of “eco.” *wink* While this retreat center is totally eco-friendly, it also offers all of the necessary comforts of a luxury vacation, such as a pool, air conditioned rooms, WiFi access, a wellness center, and (of course) hammocks.

-What other amenities are available to us?

Oh, just everything your heart could desire. Our concierge will be able to book additional excursions and services for you, at your request. While these are NOT included in the retreat price (so you’ll have to pay additional fees), here’s a sampling of some of my favorite options —

  • Massage and spa treatments (mmmmmhmmmm)
  • White Water Rafting (what fun!)
  • Stand Up Paddle (splish splash!)
  • Mountain Biking Tour (why not?)
  • Tamale Cooking Lesson (spicy!)

-Do I have to share a room with a stranger?

Only if you want to. Single or shared rooms are available (shared rooms are double or triple occupancy). That said, wouldn’t it be fun to make a new, awesome girlfriend?

-What’s included in the retreat price?

The retreat price includes your accommodations and meals for the week PLUS transportation to and from San Jose International airport. It also includes daily yoga classes, unlimited use of beach cruisers, and 3 optional adventures:

  • One surfing lesson so you can learn how to ride the waves!
  • Sweat lodge experience
  • Rainmaker Jungle Hike
  • Twice daily yoga classes and guided meditations
  • Soul sessions life coaching with Carol

These adventures are included in the trip price, but if you decide to opt out of attending, you may do so. The price is the same for those who attend and those who do not attend these excursions. 🙂

Wine will be served with dinner. If you want to get your drink on at other times, bring some extra $$.

-What’s NOT included in the retreat price?

The price of the retreat does NOT include any airfare costs. You’ll have to fly into San Jose International airport (SJO), so I would check those flight prices from your home city. The retreat price also does not include any travel insurance, which you are required to purchase in order to attend.

-What are the payment plan options?

Once you pay your initial deposit, the remaining balance needs to be paid by February 15th, 2018. You choose whether it is completed in one or two payments. We can chat about this more deeply on our phone call.

-How soon do I have to book in order to grab my spot?

As soon as possible, lovely lady! Space is limited, so I’d recommend applying ASAP!

-Is this a yoga retreat?

Technically, no. It’s a retreat where we’ll do yoga. While there may be some talk of Chakras and essential oils, we’re not going to be focusing heavily on the spiritual side of the Yoga practice. My goal is for you to feel fully comfortable and alive in your body while we’re enjoying Costa Rica, so daily yoga will help us achieve that.

-What if I’ve never done yoga before?

That’s totally okay. I’ll make everything easily adaptable to beginners and advanced practitioners.

-What flights do I need to book?

You’ll need to fly into San Jose International airport (SJO). I’ll be booking a group transport from SJO to Vida Asana for 2:00 pm on April 15th, 2018. The retreat will wrap up right after breakfast on April 21, 2018, so we have plenty of time to take the shuttle back to the airport before your afternoon/evening flight on the 21st. *more info on this to come so hold off on booking your flights for now.

Any other questions, don’t hesitate to email and ask away!

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Space is limited.